Club rules

Remedy Oak

£5,000 – Joining Fee
Is not refundable

£10,000 – Conditional Joining Fee
Should you wish to leave at a later date a full refund is offered with this membership option subject to completion of 400 members and providing a potential member is waiting to join Remedy Oak.

Dress Code
All players (including children) must wear appropriate golfing attire including golf shoes.

Clubhouse Dress Code
Smart casual or appropriate golf attire may be worn provided it is not soiled from play. Trainers and other training wear may not be worn in or outside the clubhouse.

Disciplinary Rules
The Directors may suspend or expel from membership of the club any member who fails to observe the rules of the club or whose conduct is such as shall in the opinion of the Directors be detrimental to the character of the club.

Practice On The Course
Is permissible to members. Only 2 balls can be played and only at quiet times and not to hold up other players or greenstaff.

Guest Rules
No guest may use any of the club’s facilities or play or practice golf on the club premises unless accompanied by a host member or authorised by an employee of the club.

Guests awaiting arrival of their host member will be asked to remain in the clubhouse lounge or locker room unless prior arrangement has been made by the member through the golf professional to allow the guest the use of the practice facilities.

Members must play with their guests, maximum of 3 guests per round. However, members may twice a year entertain 11 guests by prior arrangement with the Director of Golf.

No guest may play or practice at the club on more than six days (ten days for family guests) per Calendar year, whether as the guest of one or more members.

Guests are the responsibility of the member for the full duration of their visit. In the event of any problems arising as a result of a guest’s behaviour, the guest will be asked to leave immediately and the member could be liable to having his or her membership terminated at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

Spectators are not allowed on the course or practice ground without consulting the management.

Family Guests
This refers to immediate family i.e. Husband, Wife, Mother, Father, Siblings and Children.

Children – 16 Years and Under
Respect for privacy of other members and the security of the club environment is paramount.

Children must abide by the same dress code.

Children must be accompanied at all times.

No games or toys are permitted on the premises.

Children cannot be permitted to run or play act anywhere on the club premises.

Reservations for tables in the bar or restaurant for groups including children must be made in advance and are at the discretion of the management.

Children of non-family guests are only permitted by prior arrangement with the management.

Speed of Play
A brisk pace of play is fundamental to the enjoyment of the course and the club will not tolerate slow play. Every match should keep pace with the preceding match.

Golfers with an open hole ahead must wave through trailing golfers who are being delayed.

Golfers must obey directions given by professional staff.

Any golfer in violation of these rules may be required to leave the golf course and may be subject to further penalties imposed by the Board of Directions including suspension.

Members are permitted to bring their dogs to Remedy Oak, but not during competition or corporate days and only at quieter times on the course. Dogs must be kept on leads at all times and all mess must be removed. We have introduced this policy change as a trial only, and upon review this rule may change or be removed at any time.

House Rules
Alcoholic beverages may only be supplied by the club.

Tipping of Remedy Oak employees is not permitted at anytime, members may make a one off contribution at Christmas.

Mobile Telephones
To avoid unnecessary distraction at the club and on the course, the use of mobile telephones will not be permitted within audible range or view of others.

Any calls on the golf course must be dealt with efficiently so as not to affect the speed of play. Telephones are forbidden during member’s competitions or events.

Green Keepers
Green keepers have a vital job to do. In the event of green keeper being in range, please gain or wait for their attention and wait to be waived or acknowledge of your incoming shot in advance of hitting the ball.

All members must have adequate insurance, if help or direction is needed on this subject please consult the Director of Golf.

Practice Ground
The practice area will be open from 7.30am in the summer and 8.30am in the winter and will close at dusk. We ask that respect and patience be given to staff ball collecting and maintaining the practice ground as it is for the benefit of the members.

Practice balls must remain in the practice area and are not to be used on the course.

The sharing of clubs is not permitted.

Soft Spikes
Soft spikes are preferred, these can be purchased in the pro-shop and will be changed for you as a service.

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The 2nd green at Remedy Oak